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BiaBelle Beauty is a luxury cosmetics and tan brand that makes contemporary glamour and beauty available to everyone.

It was founded by Irish sisters Aoibhinn and Bláthnaid and their mom Susan Murphy in December 2017.

BiaBelle Beauty has quickly become a favourite with some of the world’s biggest influencers and beauty bloggers. Developed and manufactured in Ireland, the BiaBelle Self Tan is enriched with the unique properties of Seaweed Extracts and Hyaluronic Acid.

This super hydrating tan nourishes the skin as it develops into a rich olive tone. Seaweed Extracts contain many vitamins & minerals, vital to the maintenance of healthy skin. They restore and maintain moisture levels, boosts circulation to aid cell renewal and the elimination of impurities.

Hyaluronic Acid connects perfectly with the skin’s surface layers, locking in moisture. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defences, preventing dehydration.

BiaBelle Self Tan is the ultimate 'All-In-One' Tan, creating a deep bronzed glow whilst also nourishing the skin with our unique ingredients.

Our Spray tans are performed in a designated Spray Room.

You will be provided with disposable underwear and sticky feet protectors.

Please avoid wearing any deodorant, moisturisers or make-up before your tan.

You may have a light shower, up to 8 hours after your tan. Pat dry your skin with a towel, apply an oil free moisturiser and enjoy your Bronzed Glow!

Pricing - Spray Tan

  • Full Body Tan €27
  • Half Body Tan €20